Extensions Rickmansworth

Extensions Rickmansworth

Extensions Rickmansworth

Where do I start with a home Extension and how much will it cost?

By contacting Need One Soon? Ltd.

Here at Need One Soon? Ltd, we know that every home is unique. Whilst adding an extension to your home may seem costly, it is less expensive than buying a new home. A home extension is an investment that can adapt your home to meet your changing needs. The money you put in, after all, will add significant value to your property when it comes time to sell.

A ground floor or loft extension? Most things are possible. Our team is experienced in building attached and semi-detached home extensions to meet any style of housing – original, old or new whatever the structure of your property.  Need One Soon/Ltd provides high quality renovations for house extension & modernisation projects to kitchen and bathroom renovations

From initial planning to final touches our team of licensed and qualified tradespeople, including building contractors, carpenters, electrical technicians, plumbers, flooring specialists, painters & window installers will collaborate to produce the best possible outcome on every project. With a reputation built on results, we provide a fully managed, professional, reliable, and trouble free service that you can trust to complete your building requirements whilst delivering exceptional quality work.

Our vison has always been to be the most trusted & respected local building company.

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