Extensions Watford 

Extensions Watford

Extensions Watford

Are you looking to extend or refurbish your residential or commercial property in Watford? If so, we are here to provide specialist building services to complete your project.

Need One Soon? Ltd. is an experienced family-run building services provider in Watford and the surrounding area.  We provide high quality construction services to homeowners, business owners, and investors.

Our team of experienced and skilled tradespeople will professionally plan and construct the extension to meet your requirements.  For whatever reason you may need additional space; we will create an exemplary extension to meet your needs.

Need One Soon? Ltd. will work with you on every step of your building project from start to finish overseeing every element of your project:

  • Planning and Design
  • Building regulations & permission
  • Groundwork and foundation
  • Plastering
  • Bespoke Carpentry
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Decoration 

Our reputable team of construction workers, carpenters, flooring specialists and licensed/certified plumbers & electricians ensure all our projects are completed flawlessly.

Where do I start? 

By contacting us at T: 01923 266643  M:07973191962 or E: [email protected]

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